Advantages of SM System


Created for EVERYBODY


  • Treats and relieves back pain and prevents spine degeneration
  • Method of relaxation and strengthening of all muscles
  • Easily slims and shapes your body
  • Fast therapeutic results, only 10 minutes twice a day
  • Improves sports performance Inexpensive method can be an alternative to prescription drugs  with no side effects


Indications of SM System


Fast treatment of acute and chronic low-back, neck, shoulder and arm pain


  • Efficient treatment for herniated disc and successful in preventing reoccurrence
  • Particularly successful where other treatment methods failed
  • Efficient treatment for failed back surgery syndrome
  • Very good therapy after spine injuries
  • Efficient for treating headaches and dizziness
  • Very efficient treatment for scoliosis
  • Releases pain of arthrosis; especially hip and knee joints
  • Efficient rehabilitation for pre/post endoprothesis injuries
  • Works for sciatica, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc pain sufferers


Was ist SM System

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